NEW LAUNCH-MicroKIT III System- Clear Glass- Limited Edition

NEW LAUNCH-MicroKIT III System- Clear Glass- Limited Edition

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New Launch! MicroKIT III System "Clear Glass" Limited Edition and exclusively sold at
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CreateSafely PoKITbook colab with WELLinsulated! KIT UPGRADE!
Introducing the CreateSafely MicroKIT!
@wellinsulated bags feature:
💜High performance Insulation- Multi-layered closed cell insulation helps protect from extreme temperatures and breakage
💜Reflective aluminum lining- reduces radiant heat transfer and helps guard against bacteria
💜Water resistance-water resistant zippers designed to keep things dry PoKITbook Features:
💜It’s all non porous material provides maximum protection of products and tools
💜Easy to clean and disinfect
💜Packs compact
💜It’s mini size allows it to fit almost everywhere in your kit.

Workflow Inserts features:
💜Customizable inserts to help keep you organized inside or outside.
💜All fits perfectly inside along with your creams and liquids and your @poKITbook mini providing the perfect MicroKIT that provides maximum protection and assists with organization to help save time and mitigate risks while creating.
💜Clear Glass MicroKIT includes:

💜2- PoKITbook Mini
💜 1- Set of 2 Workflow inserts
💜@Wellinsulated Beauty Case Features:•Ultra Water-Resistant Zipper•High Performance Insulation•Luxury Vegan Leather•Non-Porous Aluminum Lining Making this Beauty case a must have for your cream and liquid products and tools.