“Blingy Blue” PoKITbook

“Blingy Blue” PoKITbook

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"Blingy Blue" PoKITbook mini is a transparent clear light blue binder with holographic refined glitter.
Includes: 1- PoKITbook Mini with 5 PoKITs. This new PoKITbook mini is perfect for the storing the following:

  • Touch up kit
  • Storing Hair pins, rubber bands and more
  • Storing nail jewels, nail tools* Single use disposables- mascara wands, lip wands, eye liner wands, q-tips and more
  • Endless possibilities with PoKITbook.
  • Provides maximum protection of your products and tools.
  • Stay organized with PoKITbook and save time.
  • Reusable and easy to clean and disinfect.

5 1/2 " by 4"PVC
Metal Hardware
Non Porous material
Comes with 5 PoKITs