“Smokey Glass” MIDI PoKITbook

“Smokey Glass” MIDI PoKITbook

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"Smokey Glass" clear soft grey black @createsafely PoKITbook.
  • Kit on the go for all creatives and helps support best practices while creating.
  • Stay organized with this all non porous organizer.
  • Ultimate talent/actor kit.
  • Great for makeup products, hair tools, hair accessories, stylist tools and more.
  • It's not only for your kit, but also for your own personal beauty products to grab and go.
  • The new clutch that is easy to clean and disinfect.
  • Throw it in your purse or throw it in your overnight bag.


6.7"W x 9.1"H
PVC and metal hardware
Includes 5 insert pouches
Plastic zip closer